When water damage takes hold of your home, you have no time to lose. The faster you stop the water, the greater your chances of avoiding disaster. Cleanup must began right away in order to save the affected areas. Once water soaks into furniture, appliances, floors, walls, and ceilings, they are all destroyed. In a short time, mold forms, requiring a complete demolition and reconstruction.

Water damage: have a plan 

All homeowners should have disaster plans. Making these plans in advance prevents panic from setting in, ensures that you address the problem with maximum efficiency, and keeps you and your family safe. Every family needs a plan for a fire. Where are the exits? What do you do if you become trapped, inhale smoke, or if your clothes catch fire? A similar plan must be in place for water damage.

To be prepared, first make sure all members of the household know the location of the main water shut off. This includes children if they are ever home alone. A burst pipe spews out the equivalent of two bathtubs worth of water per hour. If your kids wait until you get home, a good portion of your house will be underwater. Once the main water line is closed, the remaining water in the pipes will dissipate within a few minutes, and the leak will stop.

Next, assess the damage. Did the leak come from the ceiling, walls, or floor? If it came from any of these areas, there is water damage on the other side. Can you dry and salvage any affected personal property? You need to dry anything you hope to save right away.

Contact an emergency Phoenix plumber and restoration company right away. Until the plumber fixes the problem, you cannot use any water. The sooner restoration starts, the less damage you experience, the more property you can save, and the less mold remediation will be necessary.

Preventative measures 

As plumbing systems age, they become more prone to leaks. If you notice hot spots on the floor or walls, or if you hear the piping making loud noises when you turn the water on and off, your plumbing system may in need of some attention. To prevent backups, always have any leaky faucets attended to quickly, and never ignore clogged drains.

Garbage disposals are a common source of water damage. Avoid stuffing them and use enough flushing water while they are running. Lack flushing water is one of the most frequent causes of garbage disposal backups.

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