If you are able to accomplish purchasing a home in Scottsdale, AZ then there is no question it will be your pride and joy. However, houses in Scottsdale are not cheap, and there are a lot of dishonest homesellers that may not tell all that is wrong with their home. One example of this would water damage. There are some signs of water damage in Scottsdale AZ  you can be aware of BEFORE you purchase a home. Keep these red flags in mind:

1. Dark or Wet Spots Present on the Ceiling or Walls

If you have encountered dark or wet spots on either of these two locations it could be indicative of a leaking roof. This means the water could be seeping in when it rains, or it could mean that the water is collecting in a space between the ceiling and the roof. Either way, it’s not a good sign.

2. Flaking or Cracking Drywall

If your home has been water damaged, it will often have extra moisture in the air. This moisture will often cause the drywall to crack because it works on the water soluble joints. If you notice flaking or cracking in a home you just purchased, it is probably a red flag that someone hid something from you.

3. Spots and Drips Around Certain Areas

Basically, if you have any signs of water spots or puddles around any type of water source, it’s cause for concern. This would include pipes, sinks, toilets, taps or anything that normally contains water.

4. Unusual Environmental Changes

If you encounter a damp, musty or moldy smell that seems to appear suddenly that is cause for concern. If you hear water running even when all of the fixtures are turned off, that’s another red flag. If you noticing that the home feels unusually damp or humid, then that might be cause for concern. Finally, a sudden increase in water utility bills could mean something is leaking in the home and causing water damage.

If you encounter any of these red flags and you have already purchased the home, it is time to discuss your options with a water damage restoration expert immediately. They have the experience to help you find the source of the water damage and give you a thorough clean-up.