The incredible flash flooding recently in Apache Junction AZ certainly caught many homeowners by surprise. Video of water raging down city streets and flooding homes, as well as some incredible rescues, were all over social media. But now that the floodwaters have receded, it’s time for the residents of Apache Junction to pick up the pieces.

The First 24 Hours After a Flood

Whether a flood has been caused by a flash flood or a plumbing malfunction, there are some things you’ll need to do within the first 24 hours after the flood; this is to ensure both your safety as well as to give you the best possible outcome with your insurance company.

Check for Safety

If you had to evacuate your home during a flood, be sure it’s safe to return. Check for visible structural damage to your house, such as cracks, warping, or downed utility lines. Contact your utility company if you smell gas, or suspect damage to your water, electric, or sewer lines.

Take Lots of Pictures

Before you clear out any water or make repairs, you need to fully document the damage for your insurance company by taking detailed photos or even videos. If you clear out any water or make repairs before you document the damage, you could decrease the amount your insurer is willing to cover.

Protect Your Health

Even if the floodwater appears to be clean, it could be contaminated by chemicals or sewage. Wear fishing waders, or tall waterproof boots. Likewise, wear rubber gloves and a mask to remove water-damaged items. Throw out any food that came into contact with the floodwater, including pet food or livestock feed. Furthermore, FEMA recommends boiling water your drinking water until the water supply is declared safe.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Since you’ll need to notify your insurance company as soon as possible after a flood, keep the phone number in your emergency bag. Keep in mind, if a flood has affected an entire community or region, your local agent is likely very busy handling many calls. If that is the case, contact your insurance company’s main office. Follow the insurance company’s instructions concerning whether or not to wait for an adjuster to come and inspect the damage before making any repairs.

While Arizona gets more than 300 days of sunshine every year, when floods do happen, it can be devastating. Know what to do in case of a flood, especially if you live in a low-lying area close to a dry wash.

If you need help with a flood clean up or water damage in Apache Junction AZ