Water and water damage has been making a news debut in videos of the effects of hurricanes hitting the Eastern Coast, and people living in the Arizona state have been thanking their lucky stars that they don’t live in a state that is so often ravaged by tropical storms. However, that does not mean that Arizona does not experience the damaging effects of water damage. A Arizona Department of Insurance 2011 report says…

“In the last ten years (2000-2010), Arizona has experienced five federally declared flood disasters.”

Floods are not an East cost problem. They happen in Arizona, too. When they do, they come with a whole host of other damage related problems to property owners in the state. Water erodes structures, and it provides a perfect breeding ground for mold spores in your home. When those mold spores grow and spread, it can have a long lasting effect on your property’s structures, as well as your health.

As such, it is important to not only treat but prevent those spores from occurring, which is why it is important to pro-actively address the situation by identifying and addressing water damage from floods, rains, or other less natural means. Doing so can make the difference between a temporary expense in an otherwise sound property structure and a much larger permanent adjustment to your budget expectations and property foundations.

Gateway Restoration has a long history of providing these solutions to property owners, and our commercial and residential water damage treatments have been the lifeline of property owners for many years. Our services have the testimony of past customers and professional service review sites, attesting to our professionalism in providing fast, efficient, and effective services to those experiencing water damage and protecting them from future costly repairs.

No matter your structure type or level of damage, we are experienced and prepared to handle your unexpected situation and prevent destructive water erosion of your property.