When you own a business, you pour not only plenty of money into making it a success, but also your heart and soul. Thus, when an accident happens that results in a fire, it can be devastating financially and emotionally. While the damage may be significant and you may believe your dreams have been dashed, that does not have to be the case. If your business is reeling from the effects of smoke, fire, and water damage, using the professional services of Gateway Restoration can help breathe new life into your business.

Since it is likely your business suffered large amounts of damage from the fire itself as well as the smoke, it will require specialized cleaning. In addition, you will also be dealing with water damage and flooding due to the efforts of firefighters to help bring the blaze under control. As a result, smoke probably spread throughout all areas of the business, resulting in charred walls, carpets, and furniture filled with soot and an odor that continues to linger. Because of this, normal cleaning methods simply will not work on these jobs, which is why you need the specialized services of Gateway Restoration.

When our professional restoration crews arrive on the scene, they immediately assess the situation and get right to work. Along with using a variety of customized cleaning solutions and chemicals to rid your business of soot and unpleasant odors, they also use professional-grade vacuums to thoroughly clean furniture, carpets, and other items and areas of your business. In addition, they also ensure your safety by requesting only essential individuals be at the scene during the cleaning process. Since smoke particles will still be present in the air, safety equipment such as gloves, eye protection, facemasks, respirators, and hazmat suits will be needed while the tasks are being completed.

Licensed and insured, Gateway Restoration is able to take on the most complex restoration jobs and provide our customers with professional service each and every time. With our highly-experienced and trained restoration crews, businesses in Phoenix that have suffered fire, smoke, and water damage can have peace of mind, knowing their facilities can be restored to look as though nothing ever happened. Available for 24/7 emergency response, we are ready and able to assist you whenever needed for smoke and fire restoration in Phoenix. If you need additional information or would like to schedule a free evaluation, give us a call at 480-568-1718.