A home fire can be very damaging to the structure and contents of a home. Even a small fire can cause a lot of damage. In fact, a small fire in one area of the home can damage other areas of the home due to exposure to water and other firefighting substances and due to the smoke from the fire. Smoke can permeate the entire home and ruin walls, ceilings, carpets, clothing, furniture and more. Homeowners need to understand how to determine when smoke has ruined something and when the item can be saved. 

In most cases, items with a hard surface can be cleaned and the smoke odor removed. For example, metal head boards, granite counter tops and porcelain sinks can all be cleaned to remove smoke odor. However, upholstered furniture, shag carpeting and drywall may all be a complete loss. A homeowner should take fast action to save as much as possible after a fire. 

Once the fire is out and the authorities have determined that the home is safe, a homeowner needs to open all of the windows in the home and get as much fresh air into the home as possible. Fans can be placed in doorways and windows to help increase the circulation of air. Smaller items should be taken outside. Clothing, books and similar items should spread out to let the air move freely around them. 

The first step to cleaning upholstered furniture is to vacuum the surface. Small particles from the smoke will have settled onto the furniture and need to be removed. Once the surface has been vacuumed, a deeper clean will need to be performed. Perhaps the best tool available to most home owners is the wet vacuum. A wat vacuum (wet vac) uses a liquid cleaner that is sprayed into the furniture and then pulled out by the vacuum. 

Professional fire restoration companies have an arsenal of tools for cleaning smoke damage that most homeowners do not have. Ozone treatment can be used to remove smoke odor from upholstery and other textile materials. Dry cleaning chemicals can be used on curtains and other materials that cannot be cleaned with water. Professional cleaning is most effective immediately after the fire. 

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