Flood damage can be one of the most destructive things that can happen to your home with Phoenix, AZ homes frequently experiencing flooding. This is because many of the homes in the Phoenix are not built to withstand flooding either from heavy rain or such things as a burst pipe. After a flood, it is important to know the three main parts of flood damage restoration.

1. Removing Water

The first part of flood damage remediation is getting the water out. This can be a difficult process that involves removing large amounts of water with pumps. Smaller pools of water can be removed with the use of specialty vacuums.

The process of removing water also involves getting to hard to reach areas. A water damage remediation company can remove water from subflooring, the interiors of walls, and air ducts.

The last part of getting rid of flood water is drying the home out. This requires the use of large fans and dehumidifiers to complete the process of getting the home dry. This last step will help to prevent the growth of mold.

2. Fixing Damage

The next step is to fix the damage. Water will usually damage everything that gets soaked. This will require the water damage restoration company in Phoenix to remove such things as drywall and flooring. A skilled company should be able to replace everything they remove so the home looks the same as it did before flooding.

3. Preventing Mold Growth And Removing Mold

The final part of flood damage remediation is preventing mold growth and removing mold. Mold removal is important as mold can cause potentially serious health problems along with structural damage. Mold will appear after most floods, which means that it is important to take steps to avoid mold following any flooding.Our water damage remediation company can prevent the growth of mold by quickly drying the home out. They can then remove mold damaged parts of the home while they are fixing water damage. Our company will then use UV lights and argon gas to kill any mold in hard to reach areas.