When you live in an apartment, you’re located close to the other residents in your building. While this may mean you hear noise occasionally, this can also mean you share the same breathing air. This is why it’s so important to have professional smoke and fire restoration in Phoenix, AZ when you experience a fire. Not doing so can be dangerous for the following reasons.

1. Dangerous Chemicals

When a fire occurs and burns materials within an apartment, dangerous chemicals can be released into the air. If the burned materials are not removed, then these can remain in the air for months or even years. Unfortunately, this can spread into other apartments within the same building, which can be dangerous for all tenants.

2. Structural Damage

A fire that burns the structure of an apartment can compromise its overall safety and make living dangerous for all tenants. All damaged materials must be replaced to improve the longevity and safety of the building. Fortunately, a professional can assess the damage to determine what needs to be replaced to improve safety the best.

3. Soot is Dangerous

When soot from a fire is not cleaned proper, it can enter your blood stream and cause damaging health issues. This can include varying degrees of asthma as well as an increased risk of heart attack and cancer. For those living in an apartment with a fire, it’s important to have it cleaned before continuing residency.

4. Bad Smell

Smoke and soot won’t go away over time. Unfortunately, this means you may end up living with a bad smell in your apartment for years. In time, it’s very likely your neighbors will notice this smell as well. This can make daily living unpleasant in addition to the dangers of inhaling the chemicals from the fire.

5. Dirty Walls

Smoke from a fire will leave your walls, floors, and ceiling covered in smoke. This can make everything look dirty and unclean. It’s best to have a professional take care of the cleaning so you know the smoke is 100% removed.

Keeping Your Apartment Safe

When it comes to cleaning up after an apartment fire in Phoenix, AZ, restoration services are crucial. These will ensure the structural safety of the building is protected and the breathing air is clean and safe.