Many of the disasters that affect a home or business quickly make the building unsafe. This lack of safe conditions can include dangerous changes in structures, the introduction of pathogens, drowning or electrocution risks, respiratory hazards, and other issues that did not exist before the event.

The disaster might have included fire, storms or flooding, microbial infestations, or invasive as well as displaced water from inside the property. A large percentage of the disasters we clean up at Gateway Restoration require initial water removal measures.

For example, after a fire, the water used by firefighters remains behind. Your home or business slowly absorbs it, making mitigation of fire damage more difficult. Because we want to keep our customers’ costs low, we remove the water before beginning other mitigation services.

Storms and flooding also require this, of course, but with these, we continue after to remove any damaged areas that can continue to produce additional damage. The water brought in from any source spreads until we remove it from your residence. This water can also contain hazards that endanger human health.

Microbial infestations often use already-existing water, but rarely create the mess in the first place. However, we often determine that the presence of water stems from a leaky pipe or similar small problem. We can fix minor plumbing issues, dry the area out with desiccant machines or dehumidifiers, as well as air blowers, and then remediate the mold and mildew. Treating with an antimicrobial agent further protects your property from damage. Fixing small leaks can also save you considerably on your monthly water bill.

For a free evaluation after a thorough inspection of your property, call the friendly professionals at 480-338-2331 now. Gateway Restoration’s technicians are ready to help restore your home after any disastrous event. Our IICRC-certified technicians travel to both residential and commercial properties to help keep our communities in the Phoenix Metro area safe, secure, and damage-free.