Flood damage in Mesa AZ is detrimental to all types of property be it commercial or residential. Floods interrupt the normal livelihoods especially families caught up in their only homes. Restoration could take months, but it all depends on how you carry the recovery activities through. To start the recovery process:

Contact the insurer
Insurance plans covering homes come in handy after calamities such as floods, tornado storms, and fires. This shouldn’t take long, seeing there’s nothing much to negotiate on the damages with the insurance company. Depending on the insurance company they may have a clean-up crew whom they might send to restore things to order. If not, they will release money for the clean-up purpose.

Find a licensed flood damage restoration professional
Referrals from your most trusted friends and family will help you find an expert in flood damage restoration. Ensure that they are reliable and act fast since water soaking in the walls and floors could create a breeding ground for mold to thrive, in as little as 24 hours. You could contact Gateway Restoration for an efficient recovery process.

Separate all your damaged property from the rest
The insurance company will evaluate all damaged property to see what you deserve to be repaid. Not only does it help with validating your insurance claims but also preserves the undamaged property from soiling altogether. Save the documents, portraits, books, and photos from the rest of the damaged pile. Items that have already soaked in the water but can be salvaged should be taken out to dry.

Let the professionals do their job
You might not have the skills and experience to effectively remove the water from the house, dry the carpets and clean the furniture. For this reason, it would be logical to have a team of professionals helping you out with restoring your house in order. They will use a sump pump to suck out the pooled water in your home. Clear out safely any heavy damaged property such as electronics and furniture. Their job description may include cleaning out residues such as spoiled food, soiled clothing, and damaged mats.

They will also know how to handle drying furniture and walls. If there are broken ceilings or ceiling boards that need fixing, this could be added to their job description. Essentially, the restoration team should reinstate your home back to normality.

Depending on the severity of damage, it may take a few weeks to strip back and replace all decorations and furnishing that may have been damaged in flood. Call in a restoration team immediately to contain the damage.