According to recent research conducted by the National Fire Protection Association, fire departments around the United States tended to a rough average of 350,000 residential fires each year from 2012 to 2016. Each year, roughly five million people across the United States report experiencing an emergency that causes significant water damage to their homes. Whether the true tally of cases of fire damage or water damage is higher than these two statistics or not, it’s still safe to say that far too many of these potentially-deadly accidents happen.

They often leave lasting damage to homes. However, not everybody is skilled in detecting the signs of fire or water damage in Phoenix homes they’re considering renting or buying. Here are a few things to look out for related to fire and water damage so that you won’t get stuck paying a premium for a damaged house that is also at a greater risk of hosting the types of accidents that have already happened to them.

Are You Able To Peer Inside The Walls Without Breaking Anything?

If the electrical wiring inside a home’s walls has even the slightest signs of having been burned, miscolored, melted, warped, misshaped, or otherwise changed from what you think their normal, non-damaged counterparts might look like, you have reason to believe that the home was on fire before.

Look – And Smell – To Both Intake And Exhaust Vents Of The HVAC System

As you learned in primary or secondary school, gases diffuse, or mix with one another, even if they aren’t stirred or blown around. Smoke readily diffuses throughout homes that have been on fire in the past, carrying tiny particles of ash and soot throughout homes.

One generally reliable means of determining if a home has been on fire is by locating the indoor HVAC air intake. Remove the filter and use a flashlight to look inside what parts of the ductwork that are visible. Smell any ash, soot, or smoke? Do you see any black particles? The house could have been on fire before. Conduct this same experiment on the several output vents inside the house.

Invest In A Cheap Mold Test Kit

Virtually every hardware store stocks quick-result mold test kits that potential buyers and renters of homes use to determine if mold is present in the houses they visit. High levels of mold could mean that the interior of the house is wet. This likely means it has faced water damage.