Multiple things can go wrong after a storm, and water damage is just one of them. Apart from having damaged property, your house is left vulnerable to mold infestation. Many of your items can still be recovered and restored, and if you are quick enough, you will also prevent mold growth. It is essential to inhibit the growth of mold as they spoil the aesthetic touch of a home and also poses health complications to all house occupants. This piece will focus on guiding you on what to do after water damage in Gilbert AZ to prevent mold infestation.

1. Stop the moisture source from leaking

You cannot proceed with disinfecting the house if the source of water still drains the moisture into your home. You might want to call in the water damage restoration experts to help with removing the water especially if it’s from a flood. Fix the roofs too if they have been leaking and any other entrances that are giving the water, way into your house.

2. Remove all drenched items

You should retrieve all furniture, carpets, food and any material that may have soaked in the water. Separate the untouched items from the damaged. From the damaged lot, further separate what you can restore and what you cannot save. Discard any material that cannot be saved. Furniture and carpets should be deep cleaned and dried in the sun to prevent any mold growth.

3. Dry all the surfaces

Using a dry towel or rag, you will dry all the surfaces that were soaked in water. This is to ensure that you don’t create a breeding surface for mold growth. Mold thrives on moisture. Also, you may want to maintain your rooms under low humidity. The restoration experts can help you with this step. Normally, they will use a dehumidifier to keep the home’s humidity levels low and also leaving the windows open during the sunny days.

4. Disinfect

Using a solution that contains bleach, clean water, and a mold-preventing cleaner, you will sanitize all areas that are prone to encourage mold growth. Be sure not to wet the areas since moisture promotes mold infestation. Leave the surfaces to dry completely.

Even after these preventive measures, you must monitor the conditions of your house for any possible mold growth. Mold signs include black and green streaks on the floors, walls and ceilings, musty odor and some health complications that can’t be explained such as coughing and wheezing. Your chances of success in preventing mold growth after water damage are better ascertained when you have professional water damage restoration services by your side.