When you live in an area that is prone to unusual bouts of rain, then your foundation is an important item you will want to check regularly. Significant damage can cause your building to let water into the lowest level before you are aware there is anything wrong. We talk about four things you can look for when doing your routine home checks before you end up with a flood in your basement below.

1. Stair step cracks on basement walls

Cracks that extend from the floor to the ceiling, or cracks that resemble the sides of a staircase could signify a problem with settling or too much external force. With this cracking, water can seep in for long periods. If there is a lot of rain, then there is a good possibility this part of the foundation can give way or leave water sitting.

2. Wetness on the floors or walls after it rains

Surprise AZ business and property owners can look for signs the basement might flood like water on the walls of the lowest level. Any dripping or moisture is a sign there is water puddling against the slab. This indicator could signify a problem with the gutters leaking, a drainage issue, or a leak in the slab.

3. Sagging walls

Walls that bow out or have pockets that extend into the room can be a telltale sign of a foundation issue. These problems can cause walls to buckle suddenly unleashing a torrent of moisture into the room. Any bowing may mean you should check for damage.

4. Cabinets and doors that stick

Another sign your foundation might cause the basement to leak is doors and windows that do not open easily. The moisture level in the house can warp doors. Cabinets will be hard to open. Any of these problems might be a slab issue.

Water damage restoration in Surprise can be avoidable. Detecting slab issues early can prevent basement flooding in homes and company buildings. Add these four tips to your maintenance checklist to help you stay on top of Surprise AZ slabs.