If there is one thing a homeowner does not want to deal with, it is a flooded basement in Mesa. Not only can it be inconvenient and messy, but it can also cause significant damage to the home itself. Because of this, many homeowners are taking steps to ensure their basements stay as dry as possible. If you are looking for ways that will help minimize damage to your basement, here are some tips you may want to keep in mind.

1. Purchase a Sump Pump

While most people have heard of a sump pump, few know what they are and just how beneficial they can be in the event water starts coming into your basement. Specifically designed to pump water away from a home, a sump pump is seen as the best line of defense against a flooded basement. Consisting of a basin that collects the water and the pump that removes water from the home, it is an investment worth considering.

2. Maintain Your Sump Pump

When torrential rain comes your way and your basement starts getting wet, the last thing you want to discover is that your sump pump is not working as you expected. Therefore, it is always a good idea to get your sump pump serviced at least once a year by a trained technician. In doing so, you’ll have peace of mind, knowing if it rains for an extended period of time your basement will stay dry.

3. Remove Furniture

If you have any furniture in your basement that may become damaged if water enters, make sure you remove it prior to any flooding or just as water begins to come inside. Whether it is couches, chairs, tables, or especially electronics, make sure you get these items to a dry area of your home before they get wet.

4. Contact Professionals

Perhaps most important of all, contact restoration professionals as soon as possible after you have had water in your basement. In most cases, even smaller amounts of water can result in problems with mold or other issues, some of which can present a health hazard to you and your family. By being proactive, you can greatly minimize the damage your home may suffer.

If you have experienced flooding and water damage to your home, don’t try to clean it up yourself. Instead, call our professional team here at Gateway Restoration. To get started right away, call us at 480-351-4962.