If your home or business is flooded due to a weather event, burst pipe or sewage leak it’s important to protect yourself before re-entering the home. Depending on the severity of the flooding, your structure may not be safe due to damage to the foundation or integrity of the construction. If you’re unsure whether the property is safe, then it’s best to wait for a qualified Phoenix plumbing contractor to check it out first.

When you enter a building that’s been flooded it’s important to wear protective gear, whether there’s standing water in the house or not. The safety gear should include waterproof gloves and boots, a long sleeve shirt and pants, eye protection and a mask in case of toxic fumes or dust. Make sure all of the utilities such as electricity and gas are turned off to before going inside.

You should be aware of insects, snakes and rodents that may be inside your home. Be cautious when moving furniture or if you need to enter standing water. Mold and mildew are also dangers to be aware of, especially if the property has been closed up for several days. Toxic mold can grow and spread quickly, and it can be harmful if it’s inhaled. If you notice any hanging electrical cords, don’t enter standing water, even if you’re sure the power is turned off. In this scenario, it’s always better to err on the side of caution.

Hiring a professional flood restoration service when your home or business has suffered water damage is a much easier route than to try to assess the damage yourself. Restoration contractors have the knowledge and equipment to quickly inspect and begin the process of water removal to restore your dwelling or business.

If you have standing water or a flood on your property, don’t endanger yourself. Contact our water damage and flood damage professional instead to save you time and money.