WaterProofing Gilbert AZ

Water damage can be devastating. The good news is that you can prevent some of the water damage that happens to most homes every day. Precipitation is the number one cause of damage. If you can control it, then you are halfway. However, widespread water damage can be too much to handle. With normal weather, you need to waterproof your home. Here is why:

1. To keep rainwater away from your home

Your roof, the gutters, and the walls should be able to withstand a heavy downpour. The water gushing out of the trenches should be controlled adequately to prevent seepage back into the house. Keeping the rainwater at bay can avert destructive water from getting inside your premises. Water trickling from the roof can damage your clothes, furniture, and interior décor. It can also invite unwanted mildews.

2. To protect your septic system

Your septic tank system requires proper care. One way to do that is to prevent water flooding in its direction. Floods can force fat and solids to seep into the leach field causing frequent problems. Especially during the monsoon season, controlling a blocked septic tank is not fun. You have to direct the water away from this area.

3. To keep floods away from your compound

When your compound floods, expect all manner of pests to take safe harbor in your premises. Sources of water can encourage pigeons into your home. Pigeons will clutter your gutters with their droppings, which is a health hazard. They can also build nests on the same, which will clog them.

Floods within the compound can also destroy your landscaping. Floods can be even more dangerous if they decide to get into your house. Most basements and garages are vulnerable to occasional floods. You will need to redesign the roof and landscape to ensure that your house is free from flooding.

4. To prevent mold

We all hate mold, for a good reason. They cause serious health concerns for people with allergies. They can also take over your home within a short time. The biggest problem is the destruction that they leave in their wake. They love moisture and water on surfaces. If you give them the moisture, they will soon take over.


Some of these things you can do, but professional waterproofing in Gilbert, AZ, is a job for our experts. We have the tools, equipment, gear, and skills to do the job well.