Although you won’t always be able to predict when a storm might cause a leak in your roof, there are simple steps to take to stop water damage from penetrating your home. Keep these tips in mind while you’re creating your to-do list for the weekend because they might just save you a major headache down the road. 

1. Don’t Run Appliances When No One’s Home

Though it can be quite tempting to run the dishwasher or other appliances before going to work, this is a recipe for disaster. When the leak springs while you’re still at home, you’re able to quickly shut the water supply off and clean the water before it’s had the opportunity to soak into the baseboards or subfloors. When you’re out of the house for the evening and one of your appliances is still running, you would only find out about it hours down the line. It’s the same for drying clothes because dryers are the leading factor in many house fires. Get the laundry done when you’re planning to be home for a bit. You’ll still be able to multi-task! 

2. Regularly Inspect Your Appliances

The huge machines that are in our homes pump numerous gallons of water through rubber piping. What can go wrong? Washing machines aren’t intended to last a lifetime. If something like a hose burst happens, they could cause hundreds of gallons of water to spill onto your home in under an hour. Because the supply lines to the dishwasher are on continuously, the water will not stop flowing until someone observes the problem and turns it off. 

If you have had your washing machine or dishwasher for upwards of 5 years and you haven’t replaced any aspects of either machine, you may want to replace the rubber hoses or change them to tougher steel-braided ones. You could also install an automatic shut-off switch. This will come into play when it detects water. One of these can be purchased for around $170, but you may need to get a technician to put it into place for you. 

3. Get the Help You Deserve

If these steps are taken to prevent water damage in the house, you most likely won’t need to call us down the road. If you have experienced water damage and you’re looking for water leak detection in Phoenix AZ, don’t delay and give us at Gateway Restoration a call at (480) 338-2331.