The two biggest nightmare scenarios for every homeowner are fires and floods. While water might appear to be the easiest of the two to deal with, don’t underestimate how much damage water can do.

If the worst-case scenario happens to you and your home does flood, what should you do? First, take care of the immediate problem. Stop the water from coming in. Whether it’s a burst pipe or water coming in from the outside, get it under control. Once the water has stopped flowing, you can assess the damage and take steps to start the water damage restoration process.

The next step is to call a reputable flood restoration company in Tempe, Arizona. You should call within 24 hours (preferably sooner) of the flooding. They will come out and help you get rid of any remaining standing water and begin the process of drying out. The next step is to remove everything that got wet. You can’t just let stuff dry out because you’re still at risk for mold, which is a serious health hazard.

Your flood restoration company will begin by removing all furniture, carpeting, and flooring that is wet. They will also cut out the wet drywall and baseboards. Once this is finished, the restoration company will then set large fans in the flooded part of your house. These are very powerful fans that are loud and move a lot of air. Be warned that they will need to run continuously for several days.

Once the restoration workers are satisfied the area is completely dry, they will likely spray the area with anti-mold chemicals to kill off any mold that might’ve grown and will prevent more mold from growing. They will then haul away everything they removed from the damaged area.

Using our water damage restoration company in Tempe, AZ will help guarantee you can get your home cleaned up safely in as little time as possible.