Flood damage can be caused by home water system malfunction, ground water, or falling water. There are several steps that are imperative within the first 24 hours that your home has been damaged by flood in order to ensure safety and the best possible outcome with your home insurance coverage.

Prior to returning to your home you should assess your home for structural damage including loose foundation, cracked foundation, warping, and holes. You should also contact your utility company to inspect for damage that may have occurred to your gas, water, sewer, and electric lines. It is very important to turn off all electric and water sources inside the home. If the power is out, it is still important to cut off the main electrical fuse for your home as well as all individual fuses. This is crucial, because if the power is suddenly reconnected, it is dangerous to be in a situation that mixes standing water and electricity.

Before making any repairs or removing water from your home, you should document the damage incurred by taking video and photos for your insurance company. Removing water and making repairs prior to documenting them could decrease the amount of coverage you may receive. Also, keep in mind that the water within your home may be contaminated by chemicals or sewage. You should protect yourself by wearing waterproof gear such as waders and rubber gloves. Protective gear should always be worn to remove any water or possessions that have been damaged by flooding. Make sure that you remove and discard any food or perishable items that may have been in contact with water. You should also boil any water that you intend on using that is coming from your home water line.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding flooding repair or damages, contact our water damage restoration professionals in Phoenix AZ.