Water Damage in Phoenix

In the event that a pipe bursts, rain or flood waters seep into the basement or a the bathroom floods for hours when you aren’t home, you might think that swiftly cleaning up the mess with resolve the problem entirely. While you might be correct in some cases, you may have a much larger issue on your hand in others.

1. Bacteria and Disease

Depending upon the source of the water, you may have a host of disease in your house. For example, if the pipes in your house are backed up and burst, you may end up with bacteria all over that area of the home. Also, in the event that a lake, river or other nearby body of water overflowed and filled your house, you are now susceptible to whatever was in that body of water. A professional cleaning can help to make your house safe again and to find the root of the problem.

2. Mold

Another issue when it comes to health and safety involves mold. The presence of this substance in your house should be of serious concern. When it comes to mold, wiping it away with a cloth often doesn’t do the trick. A moldy spot is moldy for a reason, and it’s unlikely that the issue is going to be resolved until the core of the problem is examined.

3. Structural Concerns

You’ve likely seen or heard of floods wiping out entire communities. Even when the visible damage to your home is nowhere near the destruction that you’ve seen or heard of, you don’t know what could be lurking underneath. If a great deal of water gets into a certain area of your home, the structure of that space may be compromised. It’s possible that one episode won’t cause such damage, but it could. Also, if the issue is recurring, you need to have it examined to prevent a major problem from happening.

4. Misdiagnosed Cause

When you try to discover the cause of the water damage yourself, you might misdiagnose it. For example, you might think that the recent rainstorm brought water into the basement when it was actually the shower. Having the professionals come to take a look can help you to get an accurate diagnosis and, therefore, treatment.Water damage can present hidden dangers to your home. Working with our water damage professionals in Phoenix can help to eliminate those dangers and make your house a safe place to dwell.