Floods are among the common catastrophes that are experienced across the world. Some floods can cause adverse effects in a community leading to even loss of lives. But what are the major causes of floods? This article describes some of the major causes of floods.

1. Heavy Rainfall
This a common cause of floods that are known by everyone. Most of the places where we live, we are surrounded by some systems and infrastructures meant to move away rainwater into the respective reservoirs and basins. When there is heavy rainfall, the systems get overwhelmed and fail to operate properly, leading to accumulation of water hence floods.

2. Melting Of Snows
Low lying areas near mountains are the ones affected mostly by floods as a result of melted snow. During winter, ice precipitation is experienced. After the season is through, there comes the sun, which melts all the snow leading to floods.

3. Overflowing Of Rivers
Large amounts of rain lead to the rise of water in large rivers. When water levels increase beyond the normal level in rivers, it may cause the rivers to break their banks. Breakage of banks leads to the flowing of water to the low lands hence floods.

4. Broken Dams
Dams are among the best water reservoirs used by many countries. Most of the dams in the United States are old as they were built almost one century ago. Once heavy rains are experienced, water levels in the dams rise, and the pressure of water increases, leading to the breakage of the dams. That is why it is not advisable to build or reside near a dam, especially if it is lowland.

5. Lack of Vegetation
A land that lacks vegetation is at risk of experiencing floods. Why? Because vegetation helps in slowing runoff hence preventing flooding of an area. Where there is less vegetation meaning there is little prevention of water from running off. Therefore, such an area is prone to floods.

Final Verdict
The mentioned are some of the significant causes of flooding in most areas. Though areas near oceans and beaches can experience floods from Tsunamis and other storms. It is crucial to ensure that necessary measures are taken before flooding occurs.

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