During the existence of a house that contains a basement, 98 percent of them will end up incurring varying degrees of water damage. On average, the cost of repairing damage done by water is approximately $2,700 if you have a basement that is 700 square feet. A few factors that affect the cost is whether the water is clean, gray, or black. The depth of the watesr comes into play, as well as whether the basement is finished. A prudent measure of prevention from this disaster is the maintenance of your sump pump.

One of the most common causes of water damage to the basement is a malfunction in the sump pump. Depending on your home insurance policy, a claim may be denied for water damage if your pump is broken due to lack of upkeep.

Stuck switches are the cause of many pump malfunctions. This problem can be headed off by periodic cleaning of the basin as well as the grate. Debris being caught inside the grate can cause a problem even if it does not stick the switch. Preventive cleaning should be done at least annually. If there has been an exceptional amount of storms and bad weather during the year, it may need to be done twice.

Check the pipes of the pump to make sure they are clean and free of debris. The drainage pipe may be especially susceptible to blockages. If it is obstructed, you can usually clean it effectively by removing it and running water through with a hose and high pressure nozzle. Make sure the connections of each of the pipes are tight and that there are no signs of weak points.

A pump that is clean and clear of physical obstructions will still not work if it loses power. Be sure to check the power cord as well as the power source at least once per year. Replace the cord if it shows any signs of obvious wear. Make sure it is securely plugged in, ideally to a GFCI source.

If your sump pump in Phoenix AZ is not in adequate working order and you are unable to fix it yourself, call in the professionals to repair or replace it. The average cost of a sump repair is approximately $450, which is much cheaper than the cost of flood damage.