Smoke damage at a home or business in Tempe, AZ, is bad for your health. Even a relatively minor case of smoke damage can lead to irritations and exacerbate preexisting conditions. Restoration for smoke damage plays an important role in ensuring that the people important to you are unaffected.

1. Eye Irritation

Irritation of the eyes are the most common issue associated with smoke damage in Tempe AZ. Even in minor cases, the eyes are highly sensitive and will produce excess moisture at best. Eyes can feel scratchy, which can make it difficult to concentrate on work or play or even rest peacefully.

2. Nose and Throat Irritation

Irritation can also extend into the nose and throat. Although it may seem odd, some will even experience irritation in the ears due to how these passages are all connected. The lightest symptoms can include a runny nose and scratchiness in the throat that lozenges don’t seem to cure. This irritation can also exacerbate symptoms among those with allergies, asthma and so forth.

3. Skin Problems

Although this will vary from person to person based on the characteristics of the skin, your skin is an organ and can be quite disrupted as well. The most common problem will be dryness of the skin and perhaps moisturizer ineffectiveness. This can be just a nuisance, but it can actually set the stage for certain skin conditions that can be more difficult to deal with than just dryness.

4. Chronic Bronchitis

Chronic bronchitis is the serious kind of bronchitis, and it can occur because the bronchial tubes become inflamed. You may associate bronchitis with the winter and a bad cold, but inflammation can occur due to breathing in the residuals left behind by the smoke damage. This is among the strongest reasons why even minor smoke damage should be dealt with by a professional.

5. Asthma

We have already mentioned how smoke damage can exacerbate symptoms in someone who already has asthma. But it can also lead to permanent lung damage in those with asthma, and it can actually create the conditions for the onset of asthma in adults and children who were otherwise healthy.

6. Emphysema

Finally, there is the potential for emphysema. We normally associate this disease with those who smoke cigarettes. However, it can occur in people who’ve never smoked because they have been in contact with excess smoke from other sources. This is an extreme outcome, but it can happen.