Everyone understands the kind of damage that flames can cause to your home, but the damage caused by smoke is similarly – and even more – devastating.

Smoke not only is the leading cause of fire deaths but can also negatively affect your property’s structure.

If your Mesa, AZ, home has experienced smoke and fire damage, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Act Quickly

The longer smoke and odors linger, the more they soak into your furniture, walls, and carpets. That’s why it’s important to act quickly and call on professionals with the know-how and experience to remove smoke damage odors.

Where You’ll Find Smoke Damage

Smoke damage appears in the obvious places – such as your walls and ceilings – but also in some not-so-obvious places such as dresser drawers, closed closets, as well as behind your drapes and blinds.

You’ll also find smoke damage in ductwork because of air currents that carry smoke away from the fire, as well as on the far side of door openings. Moreover, home furnishings made of synthetic materials often attract more smoke residue, including furnishings made from vinyl.

The Danger of Lingering Smoke Damage

The smoke from any type of fire is laden with a variety of harmful chemicals, such as carbon monoxide, that can end up in your lungs while also latching onto furniture, ductwork, clothing, etc.

Some Steps to Take If You Have Smoke Damage

Again, taking quick action after a fire is crucial in removing and limiting smoke damage. The following steps will help keep damage at a minimum:

Limiting smoke damage includes ventilating your home as quickly as possible. Open your doors and windows while turning off HVAC systems to avoid spreading the smoke even further.

Vacuum away soot and ash caused by the fire.

Deep cleaning
Your house needs a thorough cleaning after smoke and fire damage occurs. Ceilings and walls must be washed, while hard surfaces – including appliances and countertops – must be wiped down. You’ll also need to wash or dry-clean all of your clothing and drapes, and even common household items such as light bulbs.

Our team of professionals at Gateway Restoration will help you handle the tough job of smoke damage restoration in Mesa AZ. Our 1-hour Emergency Response is available to begin the cleanup process immediately.