Smoke can be a disastrous beast. Although you may be happy that the fire didn’t fully destroy your items, smoke can ruin them more than you may think. In the aftermath of the fire, there are some necessary steps that you’ll need to take in order to ensure that your items have the best chance possible of getting restored back to their original selves.

Obtain Clearance To Enter And Wear Protection

The first step on your checklist is going to be to talk with the fire marshal to ensure that you can access your home after the damage has occurred. Once granted permission to enter your home, you’ll want to wear the proper protection while assessing the state of your belongings. A face mask is a great tool to prevent inhaling lingering toxic residue that is left behind from the smoke.

Ventilate Your Space And Take Inventory

Upon entering your home, it will do you well to open up some windows. This will allow ventilation to flow throughout your home and work to clean out the lingering odors. As you walk through your home, you’ll want to write down a physical inventory of the items that have been damaged. This will help to expedite your insurance claim and ensure that you get compensated for all your items. It’s best to take pictures or even videos of the damages that your items sustained so that you can give your insurance company as much proof as possible.

Contact A Qualified Smoke Restoration Company

Time is of the essence when it comes to items that have undergone smoke damage. You want to do yourself a favor and contact a Glendale smoke restoration expert as soon as possible. The quicker that the expert gets into your home, the more items they’ll be able to restore. The longer the smoke odors and residue are left to penetrate your items, the less likely they are to be capable of being restored by an expert.

Dealing with smoke damage is not something that anyone wants to have to think about. However, this is a scenario that does happen to some homeowners. By following the proper checklist above, you’ll be sure to give your items the best chance possible of being restored to their usual self. Always remember that when dealing with smoke damage in Glendale, time is always of the essence.