Not only is black mold aesthetic destructive but also causes health hazards to the house occupants. If it affects your painted walls, there is a need to restore your walls to normal condition. So how do you eradicate black mold from painted walls?

Step 1
Move any items in contact with the black mold on the contaminated walls. You could consider washing them with bleach and detergent and let them dry in the sun or discard them in the garbage bin.

Step 2
Using a spray bottle and sprinkle some clean water on the black fungi situated on painted walls. This sticks the loose spores on the wall preventing them from dislodging and spreading to other areas.

Step 3
Fill in a bucket with clean, warm water. Add bleach so that water to bleach ratio sticks to one part to four parts. Pour in some home cleaning detergent and mold killing solution and mix to come up with a mold cleaning solution. Using a clean sponge or brush. Try scrubbing just one part of the painted surface with black mold. If the paint comes out after a scrub, consider making the solution less abrasive and the scrubbing, gentle.

Step 4
With a hosepipe and clean water, rinse the wall’s surface to remove the black mold debris, cleaning solutions and other contaminants. You may consider repeating the process with a clean sponge to ensure that the mold is all wiped out.

Step 5
With a clean and dry towel or rag, you will pat the walls to dry the surface. Turning on the fan may help accelerate the drying process. Let the wall dry for at least three days before re-examining.

Can I paint over mold instead?
Mold can be stubborn and painting over black mold will not help eradicate it. Even with the use of mold-preventing paint, the fungi breaks through the paint as it continues spreading. To put the fungi growth menace to a stop, you will follow the steps as mentioned above and wait for the wall to dry completely.

Invest in a resistant primer that you will apply as the first layer after the wall dries off. You will also get fungi resistant paint and apply in two coats on top of the first layer to prevent mold growth.

These steps should help you remove mold attacking your painted walls and restore the aesthetic touch of the surfaces. Are you looking for experts to help you recover your painted walls to normal? At Gateway restoration we strive to offer the best mold removal services in Phoenix.