Monsoon season officially began on June 15th in Arizona. This unpredictable period in local weather lasts through September 30th.

Monsoon season can bring heavy downburst winds, rain, flash floods, thunderstorms, lightning, extreme heat, wildfires, and other volatile weather conditions.

These weather events put you, your family, and your belongings and others potentially at risk personally and financially. Taking steps to protect and prepare yourself is your first line of defense against the storms.

If you find yourself driving in storm conditions, pay extra attention to your surroundings, and fast changes in the weather.

If caught in a sandstorm, pull to the side of the road until it passes. This gesture helps prevent accidents, injuries, and other damages to persons or property.

During rainstorms, avoid driving over “washes.” Turn around if you notice a small amount of flooding. There’s no reason to risk getting whisked away by fast-moving water.

In the event of approaching funnel clouds, seek sturdy shelter. If none is available, remain calm and find low ground away from cars and trees. Lie down flat. Using your arms, protect the back of your head until it passes.

Monsoon Season Preparedness Checklist

Emergency Supply Kit – In major weather events, it could take extra time for first responders to respond to emergency calls. A comprehensive emergency kit should include:

  • Numerous gallons of clean water
  • Multiple days of non-perishable food
  • First-aid kit
  • A hand-crank or battery-operated radio/weather radio
  • Battery-operated flashlights/lighting
  • Manual can opener
  • Cell phone and charger
  • Clean clothes
  • Personal care items for family members
  • Pet care items
  • Medication
  • Other needed items

Home Preparedness – If your home is on a flood plain, sandbags placed around your foundation offers some protection from rising waters. Items stored below flood level should be moved to high ground.

Have an evacuation plan in place in the event of fire or flooding.

Have A Damage Remediation Plan In Place – If your home gets damaged by flooding or fire, a damage remediation plan helps you recover from devastation quickly.

Instead of becoming a breeding ground for harmful mold and bacteria, and long-term structural damage, we restore to pre-damage condition.

Contact us today to establish your plan for water damage restoration in Arizona!