Mold has the potential to grow in almost every area of your home—including surfaces in the right environment. This includes your carpets that you spend time cleaning to keep beautiful as well. Although there is a wide variety of causes of mold growth in homes, there are specific measures you can take to avoid having moldy carpets.

Strategies to stop mold damage from happening on your carpets

Mold damage is certainly costly—not to mention unsafe when it comes to the health risks it can bring to your household. Not only do moldy carpets have to be replaced as they become hideous, but it may only just be the beginning of the damage it does to your home. Make note of the following ways to stop mold from appearing on your carpets!

1. Control the temperature and humidity of your home

The best condition for mold is typically when the right amount of moisture meets a certain temperature range. An easy way to stop mold growth from transpiring on the surfaces of your home—as well as your carpets—is to make sure the humidity never surpasses 60%. Although you’ll probably never have your house this warm, be sure you never set the thermometer to 80 degrees.

2. Using different floor coverings in moisture-prone places

Certain places in a home are simply more apt to develop moisture and humidity. The bathroom is one common example. Each of the design considerations for your home should be made with functionality and appearance at the top of the list. This means ensuring that you are making wise choices when it comes to the kind of floor coverings. Some areas need to have covers that are determined by the area’s traffic and other environmental factors.

3. What to do when you suspect mold growth on your carpets

Perhaps you have been seeing visual indications of mold. Other times people notice a musty smell or even nasty health problems that could be attributed to mold proliferation. Mold restoration services in Scottsdale AZ such as the ones offered by us at Gateway Restoration will usually be separate from the company that tests your mold. The mold testing company takes a sample from your house sends it off to the lab to be analyzed for black mold.

Whether or not the test comes back positive, Gateway Restoration is happy to help you with a free evaluation for any mold restoration services you would need, so don’t hesitate to call us at (480) 338-2331 today!