Mold Removal Tempe AZ

When most people think about the growth of mold in a home, they usually think of homes that are located in areas with humid climates. So it doesn’t seem like homes in warm and dry areas like Tempe, AZ would need to worry about mold growth.

It is true that Arizona is dry. However, homeowners and residents need to be aware of the fact that mold can grow in dry areas. Here are the main culprits behind mold growth in homes in Tempe, AZ and the surrounding area.

Leaky Pipes

Leaky pipes are usually not discovered until they have already done some damage. When pipes leak for an extended period of time without being repaired, mold can flourish.

Keep an eye out for stains and water spots on walls and ceilings and in crawlspaces. The sound of dripping water can also alert you to a leak. The more quickly leaky pipes are addressed, the less mold growth there will be.

Humid Homes

While Tempe, AZ is known for being a dry city, the way that many residents deal with the weather is by creating a cool and moist environment in their homes, which can lead to mold growth in Tempe AZ. The key to addressing this problem is proper ventilation. In areas where humidity in homes abound, like laundry rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms, there needs to be good ventilation. Vents can be installed that allow the humid air outside and fresh air inside. Or even opening the windows regularly is a good solution.


Flooding can take place in the Tempe area during monsoon season. Flooding can also occur when a pipe in a home breaks. Mold flourishes when large amounts of water flood a home and does not get cleaned up right away.

If the flooding is extensive and the water cannot be cleaned up immediately, it is better for professionals to deal with the water damage and mold removal. Think about the health risks that stem from contaminated water and mold growth when determining how to remedy the situation.

Mold growth is more likely in humid environments. However, Tempe, AZ residents need to be aware of when and how mold growth can occur and learn about the steps to prevent it and remove it. You can contact our water damage and mold removal experts in Tempe to learn more.