Mold grows almost everywhere if the conditions for growth are suitable. Mold is quite dangerous when it starts breeding in your home. Mostly, it grows on moist or damp surfaces. Thankfully, you can quickly detect the presence of mold as it represents itself in the form of colored spots. In most cases, however, it might be hard to distinguish between mold growth and dirt. The invisible mold may eat through hidden surfaces, and it might take time before you notice any damages. Therefore, it is necessary to test for mold and take the necessary corrective measures on time.

Professional Testing

If you have been suspecting that your house is affected by mold, you should engage professionals to inspect it. Calling in a professional mold tester always leads to the most accurate results. He or she will check the vulnerable areas, collect suspected samples and then test them to determine the type of mold breeding in your house. The professional mold inspector may then proceed to remove it using the best available technology.

Using Mold Test Kits

Mold test kits offer an inexpensive method for testing for mold in your home. In this case, however, you will have to collect the mold samples yourself. Although this method is economical, it could be unreliable when you do not have the expertise or knowledge of collecting samples or even detecting infected areas. Another shortcoming is missing out on the invisible mold. You may also mistake dirt for mold, and the process could be a waste of resources. Even after collecting the mold yourself, the only way to get sure answers about the existence of mold is by sending the samples for laboratory testing or hiring professionals.

Types Of Mold Tests


Air Testing

Air testing is usually preferred when the mold is invisible. The samples are taken from the air and then later examined under a compound microscope. This method is considered to be the most accurate given that mold often remains hidden from the naked eye.

Surface Testing

Many places in your house are ideal for mold growth. These notorious spots include under the sink, along the waste lines, near plumbing fixtures and near water pipes. Surface testing entails taking samples by swabbing or tape lifting from the areas mentioned. The samples are then sent to the lab for proper analysis.

Bulk Testing

This method involves collecting pieces of materials from home and sending them to the lab. The mold particles found on them are then examined. If mold is detected, you will need to hire professionals to address the problem once and for all.

All mold tests are subject to laboratory analysis. The water damage professionals check the presence, type and extent of mold growth and find the best way to get rid of it. You can now request our mold removal professionals in Mesa AZ to inspect your home and help you take the right measures to contain the problem.