There’s a common misconception that people living in Phoenix don’t have to worry about mold developing in their homes. This understanding follows the logic that mold often grows in wet and humid climates. As Phoenix is a very dry area, it would seem to make sense that mold isn’t an issue. However, there are still many ways that mold can fester even in a city that is incredibly dry. Here are a few of the most common causes of mold in Phoenix.


Flooding is one of the more common causes of mold because of the sheer amount of water involved and the difficult clean up. Flooding can result form large rainstorms or from a broken pipe. If walls and floors are not treated properly after coming into contact with a large amount of water, mold is almost inevitable. When flooding is spotted, it is recommended to call a professional to handle the cleaning and mold prevention. If mold has already set in, than calling a mold professional will be the best option.

Water Leaks 

One of the most elusive causes of mold is a water leak. These are very tough to recognize before any damage has been done. In fact, it is only when leaks are not caught immediately that they cause mold damage. The best way to keep an eye out for these leaks is to look for water spots and stains on ceilings, under crawl spaces and on walls. The sound of running or dripping water is also another indicator that leak may be present. The faster these leaks are caught, the less damage the mold will cause.


Although Phoenix is a notoriously dry city, mold can still develop in humid homes. In fact, many people keep their homes humid in response to the hot and dry climate. This humid environment is the perfect setting for mold to grow and spread. In order to prevent this growth, homeowners need to take some precautions. Humidifiers need to cleaned regularly and should not be running in the same spot on a constant basis. The most humid rooms in the home should also be properly ventilated. This includes bathrooms, kitchens and rooms with a washing machine. Opening windows and vents leading outside are both good solutions.

Mold doesn’t have to be inevitable. With proper prevention and practices, mold can be avoided in a majority of cases for Phoenix residents. If you have any mold issues or questions you can call us for professional help. Get a Quote Now from our Mold and Water Damage Experts in Phoenix