Many homeowners believe that mold is not a significant concern in Phoenix and throughout the surrounding areas due to the climate in this region. The reality is that even in this environment, homes can experience the dampness and stagnation conducive to mold growth. A water damage event—even a minor one—can increase the likelihood of these conditions substantially.

When in Doubt, Test for Mold 

In the text that follows, we’ll consider some of the smells and visual evidence that are often associated with mold. It’s crucial to point out, however, that mold is present long before you can ever see it or smell it. The microscopic spores have been floating around your home or business, and smells and visual evidence often indicate a sizable accumulation. With that in mind, we recommend that if there is any concern, you contact a mold removal expert immediately to have your home tested and assessed.

What Mold Smells Like

Mold has a distinct scent. It’s damp and musty and not alike the odor that often comes from old books when you open them. That smell is caused by microbials, but it isn’t necessarily consistent. In fact, the EPA warns that mold smell can vary depending on the kind of mold, surface and moisture.

What Mold Looks Like 

When it first appears indoors, mold can appear as a discoloration of the surface it grows on. As the growth becomes more substantial, its own color will become more prevalent. It’s often black but can be green, bluish, brownish and a host of other hues depending on the particular mold species.

Signs of Mold Growth 

There are many different mold indications that you should watch for. These include:

• Stains
• Black spots
• Discolored walls
• Dormant allergies
• Aggravated asthma

Pay particular attention to any breathing issues because these will often manifest long before any other signs of mold will. If allergies that have been dormant suddenly return, that can be a sign that the indoor air quality has been decreased due to mold or another contaminant. Likewise, if a known breathing issue has been exacerbated, mold or another pollutant can be leading to that heightened state.


Avoid taking chances when you’ve experienced water damage or even excess moisture. Contacting our water damage and mold removal specialist can give you peace of mind and let you get out in front of any potential mold problems.