Flood Damage Paradise Valley

Damages due to flood are almost unpredictable compared to other disasters. The damages of floods have environmental, social and economic impacts on individuals and communities. However, the consequences of floods significantly differ depending on the location of flooding, the extent of floods and the value and vulnerability of both natural and artificial resources in the area.

Flooding has both immediate and long-term environmental, economic and social impacts. Some of the immediate social impacts of floods include damage of properties, loss of lives, crop destruction, and negative impacts on the human healthcare due to contamination of water bodies among others.

The disruption and damage to infrastructure and communication links such as roads, power plants and bridges will have negative economic impacts. The people will be affected economically since they will be forced to stop some of the activities they do for livelihood hence disrupting their normal life.

The damage and disruption of communication links and infrastructure have long-term effects on the livelihood of the community affected. The disruption of clean water supplies forces the community to use any available water which may not be safe for human consumption. Continued consumption of such waters may have negative impacts on the community.

Further, wastewater treatment may be disrupted leading to contamination of the water which the community may be using. Moreover, the community may be affected economically due to lack of electricity, education, communication and healthcare services.

Floods can also be traumatizing to the affected families for a long time. For example, when a child loses a parent, the effect of the loss may have profound impacts. Furthermore, more families get displaced from their homes and forced to settle somewhere else.

Settling in a new place may be stressful and may take the victims a long time to cope with the new environment. For instance, if a victim had a thriving business in the affected area, it may be difficult to start the business all over again.

In Paradise Valley, flash floods are common when there are a lot of rains within a short time. The floods occur during the activity of monsoon thunderstorms. Even though the drainage systems in the Paradise Valley area are improved, the rain waters do not drain quickly. They occur when the thunderstorms are slow moving. However, in a situation where there is a fast movement of storms, floods are less likely to occur because the water will be distributed in a wide area.