Indeed, one of the most traumatic things that you can go through would be a house fire. All of your memories, furniture, and possessions were in that home. When you couple this with the fact that you and your family are now displaced, it is easy to get horribly stressed and have a mental breakdown over this. However, if you have just went through a house fire in Peoria, Arizona, it is important to keep a clear head somehow. There are at least five steps you should take after a house fire in order to get your family life back on track.

1. Immediately get in contact with your homeowner’s insurance policy.

If there is any good news at all in this situation, it would be that a standard insurance company will almost always cover damage incurred from a fire. This is the first step. You must call the insurance company in order to begin the process of replacing your home and possessions. Luckily, in this day and age, you can even contact a homeowner’s insurance company online. There are often even online operators that will help you with beginning the process. Of course, you might need to utilize a friend or neighbor’s internet access to do it in this fashion. Otherwise, simply calling your insurance company is also a possibility if you still have cell phone access.

2. Consider safety when you go back into your dwelling.

It can be tempting to immediately go back into your dwelling a day or so after the fire has occurred. The logic usually is that the family wants to see what can be salvaged and what has to be thrown away. However, it is of paramount importance that you wait until the experts advise you that it is safe for you to go back inside your home. Fires can often erupt again even with just the slightest provocation.

3. After it’s safe to go back in, it’s time to create a list of all damaged items.

Your Peoria insurance company will want an inventory of everything that has been damaged by the fire. This will better assist them in determining replacement costs.

4. Acquire the fire report.

A fire report can be helpful to you and your insurance company simply because it can tell you a lot of pertinent information. There are many places within the Phoenix area where you can complete a fire records request. Although it is not going to be easy, keep these steps in mind and it will definitely help you be able to get a new start much sooner and help you recover physically, financially and emotionally from the house fire. Call our fire damage restoration professionals in Peoria today!