If there is one thing Glendale is known for, it is beautiful homes. However, that can change in an instant when a home suffers fire and smoke damage. In these situations, repairs can be costly and time-consuming, creating tremendous stress on homeowners who have little if any idea how to proceed. To solve this problem and make a home once again feel and look normal, you need to put your trust in experienced fire damage restoration professionals at Gateway Restoration.

1. Contact Knowledgeable Experts

When your home suffers a fire, the lasting result is an accumulation of soot, smoke, and various odors that at first seem impossible to get rid of, no matter how much you scrub or vacuum. Unfortunately, using bleach and other standard cleaning supplies found in your local store will not begin to get your fire-damaged home restored to its original glory. By relying on trained fire damage restoration experts, you will have cleaning professionals who have the latest tools and supplies to do the job right the first time.

2. Immediate Inspections and Assessments

When a home is damaged by fire and smoke, it is crucial it be inspected and assessed by trained restoration professionals as soon as possible. If it is not, stains and odors can become permanent, making the home possibly unable to be lived in any longer. To keep this from happening, always make sure you contact fire damage restoration professionals at Gateway Restoration right away. By doing so, our trained professionals can be on-scene within hours, inspect and assess the damage, and provide an estimate as to the cost and amount of time it will take to complete the job.

3. Be Patient

Unfortunately when a home is damaged by a fire, the restoration process will not be completed overnight. Instead, it will likely take weeks to get the home once again feeling and looking like your home. Therefore, since you will still have numerous personal and professional responsibilities that need your undivided attention, leave the restoration job to us here at Gateway Restoration. When our professional restoration experts arrive at your home, you can be sure they will possess the techniques and procedures necessary to ensure all traces of smoke, soot, and odors are long gone.

Rather than worry about how you will ever get your home restored after a fire, contact us at Gateway Restoration for a free evaluation.