We never expect the worst to happen, especially when it comes to fires. But accidents happen. Perhaps you light a candle and forget to blow it out before you leave the house. Or maybe the wiring in your house is older than you thought. Or in the middle of cooking dinner, a little bit of greases catches fire and everything spirals out of control. The danger of fire is that is spreads easily and devours everything in your house. But when the worst does happen, we want you to know that you’re not alone.

We offer fire and smoke restoration services in Tempe, AZ.

Fire Damage

After the emergency personnel and fire trucks have left, that’s when the real work begins. We dispatch a specialist to your home who is able to inspect the damage and determine which areas have been affected by the fire. If there are any areas of your house that have been severely damaged and are exposed to the outdoors, such as windows, walls, or the roof, we can tarp your house and make sure that it is protected from the elements. We will also clean up the outwards signs of damage, including soot and dust, from your home in order to get back to looking almost normal.

And although you might not have considered it, fire damage goes hand in hand with water damage. After all, how else do you put out a fire? The damage done in order to save your home can be as severe as the fire damage. We will dry out any excess water and moisture with dehumidifiers and dryers to prevent further damage.

Smoke Damage

Often when people experience a fire, they worry more about the damage done by the flames. However, smoke damage is just as destructive and can affect your health and well-being if it is not taken care of properly.

There are many harmful chemicals in smoke, including carbon monoxide. And even if just a small area of your house was damaged by the fire, smoke can actually travel throughout your entire house, touching almost every surface and leaving a heavy odor.

We have special equipment to make sure your house is well ventilated, and we will vacuum away soot and give your house a deep cleaning. We will always make sure to get you back to living your normal life as quickly as possible when your experience fire and smoke damage in the Tempe, AZ area.