Many homeowners have experienced this scenario. During a busy day, you start a load of laundry, and then you leave your house to finish other chores. When you return, you discover that the washer has flooded, and several rooms in your house are soaked.

This was probably caused by a clog in your washer’s drain pipe. That is the secondary concern. The first concern is removing any standing water. With effort using towels, buckets, and squeegees, you eliminate all the standing water you can see.

Still, much of the flood has probably made its way under your flooring. It may even have started soaking your drywall.

Do not let this situation stand!

If a significant flood has happened, call your local Arizona home insurance provider immediately. They will direct you to a service that is experienced and licensed to mitigate home flooding emergencies.

Within days, a good flood mitigation team will arrive at your home to inspect the damage. They will look at things like your carpeting, linoleum, mop boards, and subflooring. If water has reached these features, they will need to be dried, removed, or replaced.

When water touches any part of your home that was not designed to get wet, you should expect some radical action. The mitigation team will likely place industrial fans throughout the flooded area to ensure that it dries. Expect to live with these fans for several days. The team will also pinpoint structures that have been saturated and need replacement.

The report from the mitigation team is very powerful when working with your home insurance company to make repairs. This entire process can be tiresome and complicated, but it is necessary to ensure the integrity of your home’s features.

Many Glendale, Arizona residents make the mistake of ignoring damage potential caused by flooding. They believe that once visible excess water is gone, the danger is also removed. Water damage is largely unseen, happens quickly, and it must be properly evaluated by an inspection team.

This is a lot to handle for something like a faulty washing machine, but it is worth it to preserve the value of your home. If a flood does happen, never fail to act. Left unattended, the smallest flood in the home can lead to severe structural damage. Of course, make sure that you see to the plumbing problems once the flood restoration in Glendale is over!